Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Laws of Spirit World

This is a spiritually rich book. This book dwells in different themes from Spirituality, Life after Death, Power of Subconscious Mind, concepts of Hell and Heaven.

This book is not for everyone, as one may question the authenticity of the concepts which are in contrast with many Mythological books we read or heard about while growing up. But the story being the "True Story" will leave a considerable impact on you. A word of advice to everyone who wants to give it a try, you need to have an open mind all through out the read, otherwise it will be impossible for you to read it through". As the book states 'Spirit world has no religion and there is only one God'.

This book could mean something to people who are trying to understand how life or Karma works, how a life and many of its principles work. Communicating with spirits and understanding there world is not something a person alive gets to know first hand. The book was interesting but the second half of it is bit repetitive and it ends with some interesting facts about life after death.

I would suggest give it a try, there is nothing wrong in reading something new, getting a new perspective, it might just click with something you have already experienced.

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